30 May 2016

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this letter~! If I did this entry right, then anon comments should be available for any questions that need answering. I'm DreadlordTally on AO3 and amandatally on Tumblr.

My tastes range broadly, so go with your inspiration if nothing below speaks to you. I equally enjoy the fluffy happy end of the spectrum and the dark disturbing end as well. Don't worry about going too dark if that's where you're drifting. Major body horror, non-con, gore, any kind of physical or mental trauma you can imagine, it's all on the table aside from my DNWs.

SOME GENERAL LIKES: Hurt/Comfort, size/strength/age/power differences, accidental/forced intimacy, loyalty, possessiveness, protectiveness, darkfic, D/s.

DNW: Animal harm, major character death, kidfic/pregnancy, ageplay, AU (mainly modern/mundane or basically any AU that completely replaces the canon world with a different world), any focus on urine, feces, vomit, or pus.


  • I love anything to do with sleep. Sleeping together, guarding each other while they sleep, creepily watching someone sleep, being exhausted and desperately needing sleep, recurring nightmares, first time sharing a bed/tent/room, can't sleep at all, can't sleep next to anyone but them, accidentally falling asleep leaning against the other one…
  • a little bubble of safety and quiet while a thunderstorm rages outside
  • Draw them holding hands~ ♥ Or maybe a fic about PDAs!
  • Some sort of mundane domestic scene, like having morning coffee or cooking or quietly reading/working together or doing chores.
  • I am eternally a sucker for it's-bitter-cold-and-we-must-share-this-blanket-or-sleeping-bag pics/fics.
  • Chains. Metaphorical or literal. Tying up, breaking free, holding back, containing. (Or with hooks in flesh like in Hellraiser??)
  • One of them is trying to play down some pretty bad wounds but they're actually fairly serious and the other ends up patching them up and taking care of them!
  • Draw the pair as their Homestuck god tiers!
  • Touch. Just like anything indulgent in that particular sense. Holding someone or being held, the sense of safety and comfort from being surrounded by them. Touch starvation. Luxuriant textures a character can't get enough of. Horrifying textures they cannot get away from.
  • Showering/bathing! Together? One person bathing the other? Both of them bathing some dirty stray animal that they both fall in love with?
  • I love short characters and height differences. There are several pairings like this below. Draw/write anything focusing on their height! Always needing the other to get something off a high shelf? How they have to reach up to wrap their arms around the other's neck? Them just being grouchy or insecure about how short they are? Or just any cute fanart highlighting the height difference!

Seb/Ruvik • Joseph/Ruvik • Admin/Seb

Oh God, I love all the gore and torture and just awful stuff in TEW. Don't worry about upsetting me here, this is a dark canon, so go wild if you want. Seb/Ruvik is bulletproof for me. For reals, I love it in all its forms. Obviously, anything fucked up and twisted with them is welcome, but just as welcome is seeing ways they might end up in something healthier or more functional or genuinely connecting with each other. Joseph/Ruvik...yeah, I can't see that any way but horrible for Joseph, but feel free to surprise me! I mostly enjoy seeing how badly Joseph can be torn apart mentally and emotionally. :D And oh man, Admin/Seb...what a pair! I'd love to see how these two clash! They would be really fun in something adversarial, I think.

TEW DNW: I can't think of any!
TEW prompts:
  • I've never thought of Seb/Admin before this exchange, so anything with them really! Maybe something combatty or full of conflict as Seb discovers this entity for the first time. Ooh! Or maybe once Seb is out of STEM Mobius captures him and he's brought before the Administrator for some harrowing debriefing! There's so much potential. What reasons would the Admin have for reaching out to or coming after Seb? What would Seb think of the Admin?
  • Seb teaching Ruvik how to relationship. Ruvik honestly trying but finding it difficult to overcome his um...inclinations. Humorous or dark, up to you! (Darkly humorous even??)
  • I cannot get enough of Ruvik being possessive and jealous over Seb. Maybe directed at Joseph? Or heck, even the Admin!
  • I likewise cannot get enough barbed wire bondage. Ruvik/Seb or Ruvik/Joseph, either one!
  • This song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPpDyIJdasg
  • Ruvik using Seb to break Joseph down. Joseph's got it bad for Sebastian and Ruvik knows it and knows all the ways to taunt Joseph with it. If you want to get really fucked up, make Joseph watch while Seb fucks Ruvik. Make him watch while Ruvik tears Sebastian down and unmakes the one person Joseph cares most about. :D
  • I would looove a creepy take on Ruvik-in-Leslie's-body actually POSING as Leslie in order to get close to Sebastian or get intimate with him. Bonus points if Seb figures it out, but too late to do anything about it. (And maybe hating himself because some part of him doesn't WANT to do anything about it.)
  • Heck, ANYTHING while Ruvik is in Leslie's body is great. Throw him at Joseph or Seb as you please. Do they know who he really is? Do they figure it out? Does Ruvik INTENTIONALLY let them figure it out, just to enjoy their discomfort? Feel free to go in-game or post-game with this.
  • What was Joseph's first encounter with Ruvik? How did Ruvik reveal himself to Joseph and when? Where did Joseph end up when he and Seb first lost track of each other in Beacon? Did he initially encounter Ruvik there in the hospital? In the city afterward?
  • Show me Joseph and Ruvik AFTER Joseph is fully Haunted, when he is nothing but a worshipful, mad creature of Ruvik's with only a pitiful, despairing tatter of his real mind left to scream in silent and useless defiance.
  • Old note from sewer!! Remember that? When Ruvik guided Sebastian out of the asylum way in the beginning of the game, before Seb even knew who Ruvik was? What was going through Ruvik's mind when he did that? Clearly he'd already singled out Sebastian over the others, even in that short amount of time. Why? Is he...watching Seb the entire time Seb is tangling with the Sadist? Show me something from early in the game, when Ruvik's dawning fixation on Sebastian is just beginning.
  • Ruvik going batshit fucking homicidal in defense of Sebastian.

Ike/Soren • Bastian/Volke • Sothe/Tormod

Oh, Telllius! My favorite of all the FE games. Ike/Soren is kind of the king of my OTPs. They're so sweet! They hit my loyalty buttons hard—I love how devoted they are to each other! I love how Ike steadfastly and kindly refuses to let Soren drive him away. Sothe/Tormod is just cute as hell, and I would adore anything fun with them, or maybe even something romantic since I feel like neither of them would be good with intimacy and it would be adorable to see them all awkward like that! Which brings me to Bastian/Volke! The complexity of their relationship is so great. Do you explore more of their business dealings? Their public personas? Their shady underground scheming? Do you catch them in a rare moment of intimacy? Perhaps a moment when these two very dangerous people allowed themselves to be vulnerable to each other??

Tellius DNW: Sad endings for Ike/Soren, or anything involving Ike eventually getting old and dying while Soren stays young. I need anything with them to end on a hopeful note at least, please!
Tellius prompts:
  • Draw Soren standing on his toes to kiss Ike!
  • You absolutely cannot go wrong giving me anything sweet and fluffy with Ike and Soren.
  • Soren admiring Ike's body, maybe seeing it for the first time, maybe noticing certain scars for the first time, maybe realizing just how much of a beating Ike has taken all those years fighting on the front line.
  • I love the fan theory that Volke is wolf Branded. I'd bet Bastian knows. How did he find out? Volke has a curious vulnerability sometimes. How anxious was he when Bastian discovered his secret? Was it happenstance that Bastian found out or did Bastian help Volke out of some kind of trouble?
  • Tormod and Sothe hanging out in Daein in the winter. Sothe is perfectly happy but Tormod will not stop complaining about the cold and threatening to set random things on fire to keep warm. (Or, vice versa, in some tropical/desert climate. Tormod's used to it but Sothe is DYING.)
  • Shipwreck any two of them on some little island!
  • Tell me about the first job Bastian gave Volke!
  • Imagine Volke and Bastian met for the first time because Volke was hired to KILL Bastian. How did Bastian get out of it? Volke isn't the type to just leave a job unfinished, so what lead to them becoming friends?
  • Show me Sothe and Tormod bringing down some enemies. How their abilities compliment each other, how they work together, the perfect interlocking puzzle-piece precision in which Tormod's extravagant fire magic and Sothe's stealthy stabbiness work together. (Now that I think about it, this would be a good prompt for ANY of these pairings!)
  • Protective!Ike. Ike is really terrifyingly powerful...let me see how scary he can be when someone hurts/threatens Soren.
  • Protective!Soren. Remember when he nearly got into a deathmatch with Mordecai over Ike's safety? Dude does not take that shit lightly, even though Ike is perfectly capable of defending himself against literal gods.

Zelos/Lloyd • Yuan/Lloyd

This was my first Tales game ever! Honestly, I don't know why I fell so hard for Yuan/Lloyd, aside from that I love age differences in general (and WHAT an age difference it is!), but there we have it! Obviously anything tackling the age difference would be right up my alley. Also anything involving when they first fell for each other or them trying to fumble their way through this awkward attraction is also cool! Zelos/Lloyd is delightful on all fronts. Sweet and romantic, angsty, or humorous, I love them in all these forms.

Symphonia DNW: None that I can think of!
Symphonia prompts:
  • Anything Yuan/Lloyd. ANYTHING.
  • Yuan/Lloyd fic that is uncomfortable. Yuan/Lloyd in which they are both wondering what the hell they're doing. I mean, Yuan is four-fucking-thousand years old! I want to see them deal with that unimaginable number of years. Lloyd looking into the eyes of this ancient being and realizing maaaaybe he's in over his head. Yuan's ambivalence in desperately wanting to put a stop to this thing that he knows is probably very wrong, but still really wanting to go ahead and do it anyway because feelings. Or they actually give in only to be mortified later and realize they made a huuuuuge mistake that shall never be spoken of again. (Heck, feel free to throw Kratos and his—probably angry, possibly violent—reaction into the mix if it's calling to you.)
  • This song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnVUHWCynig
  • Courting! Zelos comes from high society after all. When he decides he wants to be with Lloyd for serious and not just for fun, he initiates a formal courtship! Lloyd REALLY does not understand why they have to go through all this.
  • The angel wings are so beautiful...I'd love a pic of one or both characters (of either pairing) with their wings out!
  • Do anything with Zelos's self-hate and guilt versus Lloyd's redeeming love~
  • I love the formal outfits! Draw Zelos/Lloyd in theirs, or even do Yuan/Lloyd if you feel like designing something for Yuan! Or, fic-wise, Yuan could see Lloyd in his formal attire for the first time and experience a most unexpected attraction.
  • Zelos roughing it! All those nights sleeping in tents had to drive him nuts. Let Lloyd make things either better or worse for Zelos as you see fit. Alternatively, Zelos getting to introduce Lloyd to true luxury for the first time ever!

Guy/Luke • Asch/Luke

Okay, I love Luke. He's one of my favorite characters from any canon ever. I love Guy's loyalty and devotion to him. I love how Guy teases him about his height. I love how Guy is there for him and how they're clearly such great friends and love each other so much. Naturally, with Asch, I love how he and Luke can bicker at each other. They can get really confrontational, which is always a fantastic angle for those two. On the flip side, I also dig that period of time right after Luke found out he was Asch's replica, when his self-regard withered away to nothing and his demeanor toward Asch became more melancholic and deferential. Anything revolving around Luke's replica status is instantly awesome—what it's like for both of them to even LOOK at each other knowing what Luke is, the unique intimacy they have being able to speak telepathically, Asch's bitterness about having his life stolen vs him actually kind of respecting Luke, both of them learning to think of Luke as a real person...replicafic is fantastic!

Abyss DNW:
Long-haired Luke from early in the game. (I can only stand shipping him AFTER his Important Haircut.)
Abyss prompts:
  • I'd particularly love Luke or Asch for the height difference general prompt mentioned above! If Asch/Luke then maybe their mutual joy at hanging out with someone who's their own height!
  • Assume it was Luke who returned at the end of the game. Assume Guy wasn't sure of this. Now show me their first time alone once Luke shows up again, when Guy is able to finally see that this is truly Luke, alive and right in front of him.
  • Either pairing in a good old fashioned sparring-session-turns-sexy story!
  • Either pairing is stuck caring for Peony's rappigs for the day~
  • Or draw them with rappigs! :D
  • Or draw them amidst the Selenia flowers on a moonlit night!
  • This song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWcXuu16ttc
  • Like most of my favorite characters, Luke's suffering nourishes me. Hurt him as badly as you can. Find a way to remind him what trash he is. Or send him into the wasteland where Akzeriuth used to be for some reason. Or get into his head during that time when he considers himself so worthless he may as well die on that tower so at least his death will serve a purpose. Let Guy or Asch see how terrible things are for him and try to help him.
  • More in the Luke-as-woobie vein, have him assuming that no one really cares about dreck like him. He is, after all, an inadequate copy of a real person. Not a real person himself at all. Everyone is civil to him, but they obviously (and rightly, in his mind) don't care about him. This of course is completely wrong and now Asch or Guy is determined to prove to Luke that they DO care, deeply.


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